Women hand crafting fine rugs
Women hand crafting fine rugs.
Naturally dyed yarn surrounding ground dye materials

As a leader in the hand-knotted rug retail industry for three decades, Rug Gallery proudly offers not only new rugs but also antique carpets from all of the major weaving centers across the globe.

We take pride in carrying the most select, high-end, and hand-knotted rugs in the world.  Every rug in our gallery has been individually and expertly chosen in the far distant villages of countries where rug weaving has been intertwined with their history, folklore, and culture. We carry the finest selection of silk, wool, and silk-wool blended rugs in Arizona.

Over the years, we have learned that our greatest asset is our loyal base of clients; clients who kept coming back and brought their family and friends to purchase rugs from someone they could trust. To this day, we still travel the world and personally select rugs for Rug Gallery’s extensive collection.

Rug Gallery is an interior designers destination. With a diverse selection of new, semi-antique, and antique rugs to choose from in an endless variety of colors, styles, shapes, sizes and patterns, Rug Gallery has brought the world to your feet. Whether you’re looking for something palace sized or small, contemporary, southwestern, tribal, or traditional, we offer you a collection that is second to none.

Visit us and you will see the masterful assortment of rugs, and why Rug Gallery has been featured prominently in international publications and some of the worlds most respected textile magazines.

We proudly possess and offer you the opportunity to acquire the most well-known antique carpet specimen: the famous Ardabil Carpet. Today, there are only a handful of the Ardabil Carpets left in existence; one displayed at The Victoria and Albert Museum of London, another in the collection of the LA County Museum of Art, and an Ardabil Carpet in the Rug Gallery showroom. Our extensive collection has drawn both collectors and curators to Rug Gallery to view the priceless Ardabil treasure, and our diverse selection of fine handwoven rugs.